We are your professional bail bond agency Servicing upstate South Carolina

We are your professional bail bond agency Servicing upstate South Carolina

We are your professional bail bond agency Servicing upstate South Carolina

Who We Are

Crown Bonding Company grew from a bonding company started in the early 1990’s by the late Curtis ‘ Giggie ‘ Thompson. With the work ethics he taught us we desire to serve our community with the highest aim of excellence and professionalism.

With over 15 years of experience in the bail bonding industry, we are sensitive questions you will have with a loved one in need of help.

So feel free to ask there are no dumb questions. There only questions that need of answers.

We Service

Abbeville, Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg, and Union Counties.

How Bails work in South Carolina

When an alleged infraction occurs, for example a DUI or a domestic disturbance, the courts have the discretion to set a reasonable bond for the individual charged to insure their return to court upon release. Often, the bond amount set exceeds the amount of cash or assets the person or their family has available at the time for their release.

Bail Bondsmen play a vital role in this situation by providing to the court the funds needed to secure the persons release in exchange for a percentage of the bond known as bail. That person then agrees to return to court for their appearance or forfeit the full amount of the original bond. That forfeiture then becomes the obligation of the requesting person or responsible family member.

What we offer:

  • Transfer bonds
  • DUI Bonds
  • Domestic Violence Bonds

Someone cares about your freedom.. A professional Agent is Standing by 24/7 ready to Help with all Your Bail Bonds Needs. 864-233-5225

The Bail Bonds Process

The Bond Hearing

After arrest, a police officer will take the defendant to jail for processing.

Contact a Bond Agent

After the state establishes bail, contact a bond agent to get out of jail.

The Release

When you agree to the terms and pay the bond, the agent will post bail at the local jail.

Follow the Bond Terms

Your main priority is to meet the bond terms and conditions at all costs.

Get Out Of Jail Now!



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